Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
How to Give Your Pieces of Art a Good Exposure?

In order to be known and make money, everything needs exposure and this directly means marketing. There are some entities or you can say the type of enterprises that are very difficult to market and it can take years to emerge in the market. One of many such entities is of art. From the beginning of the years when art became known and to this day, marketing art and artists is the most difficult thing. Since there are so many artists, it becomes difficult to market all of them to a good extend. But not all hope is gone and this article will show some ways of giving your art the exposure it needs.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is make an account on Facebook (a business account e.g., page) and publish your art work there. we suggest that you go for paid promotion so that your work shows up on some cities.

Step 2:

Instagram has become more famous than Facebook. People usually ignore shopping from Facebook while they shop from Instagram pages. This means that you can also have a chance to sell your work via Instagram, so, you will have to make a business page there as well.

Step 3:

People now a days usually want to see the best-quality picture of things before they shop and that is why you need to make an account on Pinterest. The best thing about this social media platform is that it takes minimum effort to publish your work and people do reach to you.

Step 4:

The next sure shot step of making money to make a YouTube channel. make a video of work under process and cover each step. You can get a mobile stand and start shooting videos. Put up a trademark on the video and post it on YouTube and soon you will see people reaching out to you.

Step 5:

The next necessary step is to make a website. Put all your videos and your images there and write at least one blog about your line of work and try to learn about SEO as well.

Step 6:

The next step is to get in touch with a store of art supplies in Dubai and ask them to refer you some clients because these stores usually know people who buy good art work.

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