Thu. Jun 1st, 2023
Here’s Why Luxury Car Rental Services Are High In Demand

Luxury car rental is a growing industry, but what’s driving this growth? The emergence of individual mobility and a growing distancing from social norms are key factors. Moreover, a new model has emerged: the subscription model. This enables temporary ownership of a luxury car without the hefty price tag. Click here to rent Mercedes in Dubai.

Leisure car rental:

The leisure car rental market has significantly grown in the past few years. It now accounts for 55% of the global rental market, more than double the share of the commercial segment. This growth can be attributed to the increasing disposable income of consumers and the rise in domestic leisure trips. According to experts, there will be an estimated 1,900 million local leisure trips by 2022.

COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown:

The COVID-19 pandemic-induced global lockdown has made car rental services extremely popular. As many as 500 dealerships across the continent are currently subscribed to an online software subscription platform, which allows consumers to reserve a luxury vehicle on a monthly or annual basis. This trend will accelerate as automakers will be encouraged to move toward subscription models to compete with ride-hailing services.

Cost of renting a luxury car:

Many variables determine the cost of renting a luxury car. These include the type of car and the company you rent from. Additionally, you should consider how much time you plan to rent the car. You can often get a cheaper rental if you rent the car for a shorter period. During peak periods, the cost of renting a luxury car can skyrocket.

Wide range of cars to choose from:

Luxury car rental companies have a wide selection of cars to choose from. Many will have models from various car manufacturers. Luxury car rental is an excellent option for travelers because it is fast, reliable, and economical. In addition, the cost is considerably lower than using public transportation.

Challenges for luxury car rental:

Globally, there are many challenges that luxury car rental companies face. While this is not a new challenge, several recent developments make the industry tougher to crack. For starters, the COVID-19 virus outbreak has impacted the rental industry globally and limited the available inventory. This has caused severe inventory shortages, especially in major cities and tourist locations.

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