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5 Important Questions You Need To Asked Before Hiring An Event Planner

Organizing an event on your own is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning, time and effort. This is why; most people prefer hiring an event planner. They are experts that have resources and connections to get the work done efficiently.

There are many event companies in Dubai. Choosing the one that understands your ideas and fulfills your demands is a difficult task. Here are a few things you need to consider before hiring an event planner.

Their area of expertise:

Prior to hiring, it is necessary to know the kind of events they have been organizing in the past. Ask them whether they have enough knowledge about all the things necessary to make your event successful or not. This will let you know about their expertise and qualification. Also, ask for references for their past work and the events they have organized.

Their services:

It is necessary to know what services the event planner you are hiring is offering and if they have all the equipment and resources required to fulfill your demand. Ask them for the list of vendors, caterers, and venues and if they have good connections with them to get you deals that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Their fees:

It is important to discuss and establish your planner’s fees. Ask them if they charge hourly, flat-fee or percentage-cost per person. When is their payment due and in which form? This will save you from future surprises that might put you over your budget.

Who will be managing all the things:

It is better to know beforehand about the number of people working on your event. Ask them if there will be a team organizing your event or just one person and if there is backup support, ready to take over if that person is unavailable due to any reason. It is also necessary to have a meeting with your event planner to discuss all the details and ideas. A good event planner will provide you with a manager that will deal closely with you and keep you informed.

Safety regulation and insurance:

It is necessary that your event planner has liability insurance and also ensures that all the event suppliers have it too. They should also be up to date with all the safety regulations and should contain documents regarding it.

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