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Coronaviruses: What Are They?

Since the Corona Virus has only been identified recently, there are still a lot of details about it that are not known. One of the most interesting diseases associated with it is bat severe respiratory syndrome, or bats’ SARS. This disorder, however, was not fully recognized as a conduction of airborne elements at the time of discovery. It is thought that the disease came from infected bat droppings that ended up in the soil. It was not until the following year that the culprit was discovered.

Because the Corona Virus is unique, it means that it will have its own distinctive symptoms and can thus only be treated using a particular regimen. However, even so, a wide range of treatments are available for Coronavirus and pneumonia, some of which may be able to reduce or eliminate the illness altogether. Some of the standard medications used to fight the virus disease include: amikacin, famotidine, intravenous steroids, leukotriene inhibitors, piroxicam, valium, and doxycycline. Patients are encouraged to observe strict safety precautions while taking these medications, especially if taking them for the first time. If symptoms are there, the patient should visit a private PCR testing lab in Abu Dhabi.

Coronavirus-related deaths are overwhelmingly preventable, and medical professionals and researchers are constantly trying to identify new methods that could help lessen the impact of this mysterious viral menace. While it is not yet completely understood what causes Coronaviruses, a recent study revealed that the disease has a strong genetic component, suggesting that genetic predispositions could also contribute to an individual’s vulnerability to Coronaviruses. The research was conducted by the US National Institute of Health, through the Food and Drug Administration, and involved a placebo-controlled trial. Out of the 500 participants, there was a slight increase in those experiencing Coronavirus-related deaths, but the exact reasons why is still unknown.

Coronaviruses can cause serious health complications, including life threatening respiratory distress and death, and are especially notable among children. Although children are the most common victims of Coronaviruses, adults are not entirely immune to this illness. A recent clinical presentation at a renowned hospital in the US presented with a case of an adult with a history of acute allergic rhinitis that was attributed to a single exposure to a non-allergic aerosol. The patient had no previous history of acute respiratory conditions, and was eventually diagnosed with a non-allergic pneumonia, which was subsequently ruled out upon completion of chest CT scans. Read more info here.

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